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chop chop chop

Life has gotten increasingly busy of late and I find that my time for LJ is limited to say the least. Though you are all worth a read, I find myself falling more and more behind on upkeep. Several of you will be cut as I would like to maintain, if a bit sparingly, my presents on here. Thank you for choosing to share with me. I wish you all the utmost luck with whatever comes your way.

All hail Independence!

Despite this country’s many shortcomings, I am proud to be an American. Happy 4th!


Have you ever found yourself going over the words or actions you “would have said” “should have done” in your mind? Find tuning them, adding a few choice sentiments here and there, polishing their style and using them to feed your rage, to nurse your self-righteousness and rage which, like drugs to an addict, after a point no longer feel good but merely desperately necessary.

Like smoke in the wind

As of this morning, we have the entire Harry Potter saga and I’ve agreed to read as Maz rereads it all. Either I’m completely off my rocker or I must really love this man for my intentions have always been to stay far away from such material. Ah what one does when one is in love...
MySpace was such a long-ago fadCollapse )

With that said, I now leave you to your social network of choice.

Simply brilliantt

I’ve never been able to aptly answer the icebreaker, “What’s your favorite book?" If ever asked that question again, I will now proudly reply with Ah…My favorite novela is Elizabeth Strout’s “Olive Kitteridge.” My heart is warmed, and this from the young lady who Positively thrills at even the possibility of reading dark and twisted works.

Overheard in New York

Documented for posterity

I avariciously appreciate all things that leave me no choice but to go exploring deep within myself. Topics that demand reexamination and question my moral standing are especially invigorating.

Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty.Collapse )

Playing at favs

Give it up for quiz love!

Rock on optimistic7 for
”these!”Collapse )

Geek on arinoch
We match.Collapse )

And to continue in the spirit of avoiding what I really ought to be doing, charm on monstersofman
for thisCollapse )

They are all pretty on mark, according to me.